Feedback on NWGNS by Clients

A few weeks ago, I had a fall in the mud. Nothing spectacular, but it resulted in my left leg being out of dog-walking action for a few days. My son was at work but had promised to help in the evening and over the weekend. Meanwhile, I was stuck in the house with a hyper-active 6-month-old Labrador.

I’d read about the North Walsham Good Neighbour Scheme in a local paper, so I tracked down the contact number. Just over an hour later, my puppy was out burning his energy in the woods with two volunteers and their own, older dog. Meanwhile, I was able to relax, have a coffee and load the dishwasher.

I was so grateful to the volunteers for responding at such short notice. The experience reminded me that we all need help from time to time, however independent we might think we are. And all too often our actual next-door neighbours are busy with their jobs or their children or just getting on with their lives. So it’s good to know there is someone nearby ready to pick up the phone or to answer an email.

Following this experience, as my time is quite flexible at present, I applied to be a volunteer as well as a user.

Many thanks to the North Walsham Good Neighbours scheme. I had just taken delivery of a new printer and needed help in setting it up to use with my laptop. Your organisation quickly found me a very kind and willing volunteer who is skilled in these matters. He came to my home almost immediately, and very quickly everything was in working order. I am very grateful both to your volunteer and to the Good Neighbours scheme. The organisation, offering a free service, is a big asset for the town and it is good to know that anyone, older or younger, in need of support has someone to turn to.