North Walsham Good Neighbour Scheme

Our volunteer-run scheme offers short term practical support to people in North Walsham.

All our volunteers are vetted and live locally. They are managed by a local committee, supported by Community Action Norfolk.
Whatever you need we will try to offer help or find a solution. The service, run by volunteers, is free – apart from travel expenses for lifts and the costs of any materials needed for a job.

Do you need some kind of practical help at home?

Maybe a lift somewhere, or someone to talk to?
The Good Neighbour Scheme offers support to people in North Walsham with one-off jobs like:
• mowing the lawn
• changing a light bulb
• retuning the TV
• taking you to an appointment or shopping
• collecting library books
• filling in forms or writing letters
• helping you tidy up
• walking your dog
• just listening and having a chat
• giving information about local services

About us

We are local volunteers who willingly give of our time to help others in North Walsham who need a hand and cannot find help elsewhere.

Getting Help

If you are 18 or over, live in the parish of North Walsham and need one-off or short term assistance to do something you cannot undertake yourself, then you will be eligible to ask for support…read more>>>



A few weeks ago, I had a fall in the mud. Nothing spectacular, but it resulted in my left leg being out of dog-walking action for a few days. My son was at work but had promised to help in the evening…read more>>>


If you are troubled or distressed

Call the Good Neighbours

They are a group of volunteers

Who have come together in recent years

Their skills are varied and many

If you would like to see the sea

Or someone to share a cup of tea

Call the Good Neighbours

Sometimes things have gone wrong and you need a guide to help you along

Call the Good Neighbours

So many times they have rescued me

They are like second family

Thank you Good Neighbours


Frances Palman